The Ghetto Gaggers Crew Destroys Amani Wett

Amani Wett is the definition of a hot hoodrat. Getting a beauty like this in the Ghetto Gaggers studio is what makes Duke Skywalker and his crew happy to be pornographers. Amani Wett has a seductive face, a nice round ass, perky tits and she is a complete nympho. The reason Amani Wett loves white boys: She thinks they are all extra kinky.

After the face fucking began and the puke bowl filled up, it was time to erase some of the beauty. Her face was dunked in the bowl like an Oreo is dunked into a glass of milk. The ghetto Gaggers crew were all expecting some attitude, but none showed up. Amani Wett was totally a submissive sista.

This scene not only gives us all some stunning ebony eye candy, but we also get to see the beauty in all of it’s glory: Getting face fucked, gagged, fucked and covered in white boy cum. This is a Ghetto Gaggers scene that you just won’t want to miss.

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